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Gatlinburg Hospitality & Tourism Association: Membership Application


Purpose: The purpose of the Gatlinburg Hospitality Association, Inc is to represent the common interest of our members in the hospitality industry including political action, education and industry advancements in an ethical and professional manner.


  • To foster a cooperative, ethical spirit among the lodging, restaurant and hospitality members within the Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountain area.
  • To promote good policy and sound business principles.
  • To further the education opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the lodging, restaurant and hospitality industry.
  • Supply a united voice for state, federal, and local legislation, which may affect the lodging, restaurant and hospitality industry.
  • To supply information, relating to the lodging, restaurant and hospitality industry, to the members and build a strong resource network.
  • To assist and advise in the promotion of tourism in the Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountain area.


Important note for your application:  Please fill in all blank spaces (on the following page) clearly and legibly and take the time to review your listing (whether you are a new or continuing member) on GHTA's website a couple weeks after you've sent in your application. Should you have any questions, contact any board member via email or phone (email addresses and phone numbers available at http://www.gatlinburghospitality.com/board.php). 

GHTA encourages all of its members to also join the Tennessee Hospitality Association (TnHA) to help foster the success and profitability of the hospitality industry in Tennessee. There is strength in numbers! By collectively investing in education, marketing, governmental affairs and information services, TnHA offers many benefits and services for its members.

For more information about membership in TnHA, visit http://www.tnhospitality.net or contact TnHA by phone at (615) 385-9970.



Type of Membership (check one)
- $100 (Lodging Establishment, Restaurant, or Attraction with business license within the city limits of Gatlinburg, TN)
- $100 (Any business (without a business license) that is associated with member companies within the city limits of Gatlinburg, TN).
Business/Contact Information

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(* Asterisked lines above will be used to fill in your company's listing on GHTA's website. Also, please email us a picture and a 30-word description of your business at info@gatlinburghospitality.com for your company's listing.  Renewing members: Please check your listing on the "Members" page of the GHTA website to confirm it is still accurate and up to date.)


Additional representative(s) of your company may receive GHTA communications, meeting notices, etc. Please identify who you would like to receive the information.


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